Monday, March 30, 2009

Elderly Women - Hairstyles

Hairstyle is one topic, a lot has been written about. Most of these articles are related to young hair styles or for growing girls or young guys. But how about hairstyles for elderly women? Ageing process has its own pitfalls like lines wrinkles on the faces. But an elderly woman can change her appearance gracefully by modifying her hairstyle. The first thing in the process is to taking notice of one’s face cut and texture of the hair. Complexion is also important before going for that hair style breakthrough. Normally it has been seen that, elderly women prefer short hair but it is advisable to look to other styles as well.

Layered hairstyles cut works perfectly if you want to hide the wrinkles and lines appearing on your face. More so, long layered hair cut is suitable when you want to highlight your cheek or give a lift to your face and appear beautiful. There can be few modifications as well like using side swept bangs for eyes or introducing bangs in the hair style or skim the eyebrow etc.

Short pixie haircut helps in bringing that much needed style and grace. Medium hairstyles gives an illusion of additional hair volume. If you are interested in highlighting your facial features then pixie haircut works the best. You can also go for bob cut because it is an eternal hairstyle that will always be in demand. It is elegant for elderly women. You can choose symmetrical or asymmetrical cut depending upon your preference.

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